Every home or office has the potential for Mold to be lurking in Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas…you should know the air quality of your home. Have air quality samples taken by our company and sent to a certified lab for testing. Samples are provided by using state of the art mold sampling devices….and preformed by a ESA Certified Mold Inspector.

Mold is a common problem here in metro Atlanta. We are susceptible to high levels of moisture cumming from Georgia red clay, and leaks that may have occurred from the plumbing in your home. Homes today are built with tight sealing techniques for heating and cooling efficiency, but unfortunately can also create an incubator for mold growth. Mold can grow in less in 24 hours with the right conditions.

If you’re buying a home here in Atlanta Georgia, or already own your home, regardless if it’s new construction, or 100+ years old, you could be purchasing a home with mold.

For a small amount of money you can have an air quality test performed before you, or your family becomes sick. We also offer discounts when ordering a home inspection with your air quality test.

Good news is if the results come back with high levels a certified remediation company can easily fix the issue, but you have to start somewhere with your investigation, and a simple air test is the answer. A small price to pay considering the health risk to your family!

Please feel free to use the ”Schedule Mold Inspection” page or call us to schedule your home evaluation.

Guarantee you will not be disappointed….and that is a promise from me personally.

Matthew Thoroman

Certified Mold Inspector.